Healthier, performance-enhancing and cost-effective office buildings.


Effective planning and implementation of office buildings for healthier work environments
Minimising pollutants in room air, professional lighting planning, optimised room acoustics and
a favourable indoor climate makes office buildings more recoverable. Illnesses are reduced, while employee
satisfaction and efficiency increase. That means: Reduced legal risks,
with a simultaneous increase in profitability.

Benefits at a glance
You learn about practicable planning tools for healthier and sustainable office buildings.
You gain an overview of the applicable regulations regarding pollutants in building materials, office furniture and cleaning agents, and become familiar with the criteria for how to select the right materials for healthier office buildings.
You know what you need to bear in mind when renovating, modernising and operating buildings to ensure the optimal conditions for protecting employees’ health.
You gain access to - a professional network of appraisers - the “Construction directory for healthier buildings” portal with tested and approved products - legal guidelines for the MY FUTURE OFFICE project - approaches for public relations on the issues of indoor air hygiene and sustainability
Last, but not least - you connect with one of the best networks for healthier buildings.

The latest study results on healthier construction and modernisation, as well as information on the MY FUTURE OFFICE research project
Impacts to health caused by construction products, office furniture and cleaning agents
Health risks posed by current products
Selection criteria for purchasing low-emission and sustainable products
Strategies for reducing pollution during renovation work
Ventilation and preventing mould formation
Case studies on low emission/sustainable construction and renovation
Standards and technical regulations
Legal issues and liability
Certificates and labels as guides
Recommendations on how to phrase specification texts
Public relations regarding indoor air hygiene and sustainability

Target group
Planners on a local, state and federal level
Commercial investors, portfolio holders
Contracting authorities
Architects, engineers, project managers
Property developers and building companies
Appraisers and lawyers
Associations and unions

Much of the practical knowledge integrated in this seminar was gained through the MY FUTURE OFFICE project which the Sentinel
Haus Institut carried out alongside other partners. Solutions for healthier, performance-enhancing and cost-effective office buildings were developed in cooperation with planners, investors, authorities, scientists and manufacturers.

Your speaker
Experienced lecturers from the Sentinel Haus Institut who develop practice-orientated solutions.


Munich, 02/07/2019


Düsseldorf, 02/14/2019

Hamburg, 02/28/2019

8 teaching units

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